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Dining Room

All of our dining room furniture in the KU collection is built for strength with maximum versatility. These innovative modular designs are modelled on architectural construction principles, providing more robust furniture, which can be cleverly combined, giving you endless possibilities for arranging your rooms. We are sure you will find the one that’s right for you. All of the above are available in different materials such as walnut, oak, cherry, etc., giving you an almost unlimited amount of flexibility in your home environment.

It is especially worth mentioning that, apart from the materials that are used to build the bedroom furniture in this collection, there are also a host of different finishes available for each piece (from walnut to wenge, including ash for natural veneers and camel or white gloss lacquers). There are different systems available for drawers depending on the customer’s needs: a push system for when they do not want handles, and a pull system for when they do (we also offer different types of handles). Push and pull systems for doors are also available depending on the customer’s tastes. The bases of the drawers are made from marine plywood and have a natural finish. The inlaid strips on the doors and the tops on the coffee tables are made from stainless steel. The grain in this collection plays an important role as it goes across the furniture giving each piece in the line a unique look (TV cabinets, modules, etc.). The features in gold and silver leaf can also be added to the doors, giving the pieces a richness in expression.   

With the KU line the thicknesses of the inside and outside edges can be changed, allowing us to experiment with volumes and spaces in order to have a chameleonic range of dining room furniture – you’ll find a KU that’s right for your home space.