Classic and modern bedroom furniture



The ALTITUD bedroom collection features two clearly defined trends - one with a more classic flavour and a more modern one. This is achieved by mixing different elements, sizes and finishes. The customer can choose the option that most suits their style preferences for bedroom furniture. As furniture manufacturers, we place particular emphasis on giving all our models their own style and a high level of quality in order to satisfy our customers’ needs and gain their trust.

ALTITUD is manufactured from Alder wood and natural cherry veneer. The drawers use a pull system and there are different types of handles and knobs (golden finish, aged touches, upholstered, etc.) to be chosen from. This collection has certain features that make it especially attractive, such as skirtings with fretworks to incorporate inlaid features (in steel or lacquered pieces to mix colours, etc.) or metallic doors with different types of glass. The base of the drawers is made from marine ply and has a natural finish.

There are different finishes for this collection, ranging from melisien or antique cherry to white. Depending on the applied colour, we can change the style of your bedroom furniture. In this way, the customer can adapt it to suit their preferences. Furthermore, there are different options for height and width, which means we can offer a wide range of bedroom furniture with an array of items (bedside tables, chiffoniers, wardrobes, dressing mirrors, chests of drawers, headboards, etc.) adding to the harmonious ensemble that is your bedroom.

Pure and simple lines, coupled with quality materials and finishes result in a host of different combinations for this collection able to satisfy every customer’s needs.