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The additional free-standing furniture in our NEO range seeks simplicity and functionality while being aesthetically pleasing. The ease of construction allows the pieces in the NEO range (dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, bookcases, glass cabinets, etc.) to be highly personalised – they can fit into almost anywhere in your home, adding a personal touch to every last detail. Straight lines and volumes are at the very heart of our NEO style, with a practical design which creates an ideal environment that will not look out of place amongst the most avant-garde architecture.

With our additional free-standing furniture collections (chairs, dining tables, lift-top tables, sideboards, etc.) we aim to surprise and entice our customers, and with NEO we achieve both of these things. The grain going across the natural veneers is something new, giving these pieces a distinctive mark. Their stylish shapes allow for the creation of a welcoming and elegant environment.

You can choose from a wide range of finishes for these pieces (16 different colours) ranging from natural or almond in natural veneer to cappuccino or anthracite lacquers. All of the above in an acrylic finish giving it a natural feel. These pieces can also be produced using different materials, oak or American walnut, and with different finishes, allowing us to offer surprisingly personalised options for each room in your home.

The features provide the finishing touches in our NEO line; the drawers can be fitted with push or pull systems, the bases of the drawers are made with marine plywood, we have a host of different handles for doors and drawers alike, as well as personalised interiors at the request of the customer. All of the above proves that these pieces of free-standing furniture are right for any space in your home.

In the NEO line, design and unmistakeable expressivity prevail due to the distinctive way in which the pieces are produced.