The most modern bedroom furniture on the market



As furniture manufacturers, in this case bedroom furniture, we are always looking to create collections that are different and up-to-date, with a firm focus on design and innovation – this is how OPTIMUM was born. Nogal Yecla’s OPTIMUM collection brings modernity, freshness and innovation to the home environment with harmonious, simple and timeless pieces of furniture. This collection brings together the expressivity of nature, oak timber and shapes created by curved and straight lines. At the same time, it offers solutions to the different problems we come across in the bedroom. The different options available for furniture interiors allow for highly personalised pieces, meaning that they can be adapted to go anywhere in your bedroom. The features on the inside and the outside of the bedside tables and chests of drawers really make the difference, with pull-out units, drawer bases made from marine plywood and assembled with dovetail joints, push and pull options for doors and drawers, and a list that goes on and on.

  It is worth mentioning the wide variety of finishes available in this collection (17 finishes on wood, such as natural oak or dark almond, and mustard or aubergine lacquers) and the option of combining them to make the furniture that bit more personalised. Furthermore, the acrylic finishes give the furniture a natural feel and greater protection from scrapes and scratches.

With OPTIMUM we can create warm environments to share with those we love thanks to the furniture in the range being available in different sizes (bedside tables, chests of drawers, headboards, mirrors, etc.).

Nogal Yecla furniture brings a Nordic feel to your bedroom with OPTIMUM.